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Remnant Heroes, is a Minecraft Role-Playing, Medieval Survival Server, focusing on the Heroes plugin.

This Wikia, will function as our "Go-to" for knowledge about the server from all aspects, including, but not limited to: History, Lore, Nations, Players, ect.

Here at The wiki, we request that people refrain from adding pages/categories, and thank you for your participation in our server, and its wiki

Remnant Heroes

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Why Should I Join?

Remnant Heroes is the next best PVP server! We have amazing variety. Top-of-the-line, skills you wont find anywhere else. Our 100+ classes originate from the starting classes of heroes, and evolves into a number of hybrid classes added to the mix. making each fight different and exciting.

You can switch between these classes without losing experience!

We also have over 20 different professions each with it's own valuable, in-demand skills.

You'll have tons of fun going from zero to Hero!

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